Available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg nicotine strengths.

Traditional 20ml bottle – $9.99

Apple Acai    A tropical paradise infused with crisp green apple and fruity acai berry

Pomegranate    Juicy pomegranate abound by vibrant notes of sweet cranberry

Blueberry    Creamy yet invigorating blend of sweet blueberries

Kiwi Redberry    Alluring bold flavors of mature red berries and refreshing kiwi

Pink Grapefruit    Taste the tangy “forbidden fruit”

Zen   An exotic, stress-relieving fusion of lychee, guava and sweet peach with passionflower

Tangerine   Savor the invigorating blend of clementines, ripe oranges, and juicy tangerines destined to become your daily favorite.

V-Frost   Shake your senses with our gratifying menthol blend! V-Frost is a mildly sweet and chilling menthol experience.

Watermelon Chill   The refreshing sweetness of watermelon meets the smooth chill of mint. This mouthwatering combination of juicy fruit with refreshing mint is the perfect remedy to beat the heat. Watermelon Chill gives you dense clouds of vapor, creating your own personal oasis.

Mojito   Travel to the Caribbean with tangy lime and Cachaça, a tropical spirit distilled from sugar cane, topped with a hint of mint!

Tobacco   Our take on a classic—a bountiful harvest of smooth tobacco flavor makes an ideal alternative to traditional tobacco use.

Tobacconist 30ml bottle – $14.99

Honey Roasted Tobacco   Soothe your self-indulgence mood with a balanced swirl of rich tobacco flavor draped over delicious notes of nutty caramel and velvety vanilla. This luxurious, full-bodied blend delivers a unique vaping experience.

Hazelnut Tobacco   Savior each velvety puff of this refined blend channeling the alluring taste of Turkish hazelnut mingling in oh-so rich tobacco tones. This classic combination is tremendously smooth and filled to the brim with flavor.

Chocolate Tobacco   Indulge yourself with this European flair of rich tobacco and creamy notes wrapped around decadent chocolate. This exquisite fusion of rich tobacco with notes of silky chocolate, delivers moist and thick plumes of vapor.

Black Currant Tobacco   A bountiful harvest of tobacco and earthy notes. Bold tobacco mellowed by sweet & tangy black currant then merged into a splendid fusion of silky vanilla with hints of nutty tones. This irresistible blend is truly a complex tobacco palate pleaser.


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