Cloud 9 – Legends


Available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg nicotine strengths.

30ml – $15.99

120ml – $39.99 (3mg and 6mg only)

Blackbeard Booty – A real treasure. Juicy pear with a creamy coconut and more!

Dragon Breath – Sweet delicious glazed doughnut and raspberry jelly filling infusion!

Kong’s Addiction – Bananas and cream gone wild! Vanilla wafers topped with bananas and sweet cream.

Kraken Candy – A delicious mouth watering flavor of sweet tart candy. A flavor that is both familiar and unforgettable!

Medusa Milk – Smooth flavorful vanilla on the inhale and rich sweet cream on the exhale.

Pandora’s Box – Sweet fresh berries with a cool blast of mint infusion!

Pegasus Wings – Orange and vanilla creamsicle. Sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Phoenix Rising – Fresh true to life honeydew melon. Exploding with delicious flavor that you cannot resist!

Squatch Call – A complex and earthy tobacco.

Vampire Blood – Seductively fresh pure strawberries and enticing complex cream flavors and more!

Local Favorites! You can’t go far in Portland without seeing a bottle of Cloud 9 e-liquid! A well-balanced line for both sweet and fruity vapers alike!