California Vaping Company


Available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg nicotine strengths.

30ml – $19.99

120ml – $59.99 (Bandit, Kentucky Sweet Leaf, and White Mango only)

Bandit Tobacco – A rich and velvety sweet tobacco flavor. Complementing tones of caramel and toasted almond. Our best selling flavor!

Barista Breve – A caffeinated E-liquid that gets its flavor from organic coffee and vanilla beans.

Caramel Milk – Be prepared for a decadent dose of creamy caramel-milk with hints of custard.

Cinnamon Crush – Organic cinnamon sticks, hints of vanilla, and ginger bread.

Clove Tobacco – Clove flavor produced by organic cloves with hints of caramel and graham cracker.

Green Apple – A clean, fresh, juicy apple with a unique bubble-gum undertone.

Kentucky Sweet Leaf – A rich and smooth tobacco sweetened with honey. A splash of bourbon is added along with hints of hazelnut.

Lemon Pound Cake – A fantastic, real lemon taste, with a sweet pound cake texture and hints of custard.

Re-Fresh – A fresh menthol medley with lemon, lime, and cucumber. Made with organic mint leaves.

Tropical Breeze – This citrus flavor offers a unique blend of pineapple, tangerine, and guava.

Vanilla Cloud – A distinct vanilla custard flavor made by extracting organic vanilla beans. It is rounded out with cookie crust and more.

White Mango – Sweet and crisp white mango with a fresh coconut and pineapple.

California Vaping Company prides itself on being the cleanest e-liquid available. Every step of their process ensures that what your vaping is nothing but pure, clean e-liquid.